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You can add as many tasks as you need.


3 Tasks

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10 Profiles

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Tasks up to
3 Steps




+50 Tasks

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+100 Profiles

+2 Containers
(For 1000 items)

Tasks up to
10 Steps



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Can I make a single payment?

Of course. Select from the following service you need and duration (one month or one year).

How can Botize help me or my business?

If you want us to tell you how Botize can help your business please contact us via twitter or

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time without a cancellation charge by accessing your PayPal administration page. Then you will not be charged any longer for the account. When you cancel your account, all of the content created with your account will be deleted.

Get cash back if you’re not satisfiedWe want you

Get cash back if you're not satisfied

We want you to feel satisfied!

So you have 30 days to change your mind in a very simple way. If not satisfied with our premium service, we refund your money. No matter your reasons, the full amount will be refunded.