An API, unlimited possibilities

Now you can connect new services, applications and devices to Botize. Automatically become compatible with all applications we have today ...and tomorrow!

Fitbit, healthier and active life

Monitoring your steps, distance, calories burned or your sleep cycle and automates tasks using Botize.

Activity, eating and sleeping

Introducing Jawbone UP for Botize bracelet with which you can now automate tasks . Wondering how we use it?

And now Botize becomes multi account

More than one profile on Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, etc, all in one control panel. It is now possible, we call this Botize multiaccount and is also free .

Automates images

Capture pictures of you and your friends, by hashtag and those you like, and combine or share them as you choose.

Relax, the files come to you

Say hello to Dropbox and use this formulas to combine files between different services, automatic!

Discover the best formulas

Your tasks are now ’formulas’ that others can use. Share them and discover new ways to automate Internet.

Thanks to Botize it’s incredibly easy to create bots for Twitter

Botize enables you to create your own bot and tasks. What you have to do is to create your Twitter account and within a few minutes, you’ll have your personalized bot.

It's time to automate

In our daily life, there are tasks which consume huge amount of our time. Botize helps you to automate many of them working for you.

It's time to unify

In our daily life, there are many services and applications which are meant to be for specific tasks. Botize helps you to combine them in order to increase their possibilities.

It's time to share

In our daily life, we tend to create contents for specific platforms. Botize helps you to share in different means automatically.

Automate, combine and share

With Botize your applications, social networking and Internet-connected devices acquire the ability to work with each other, personalized and automatically.

Featured Botize uses

These are just some of the tasks that users are automating with Botize.

Sending new RSS items to Facebook

Cada nueva entrada de http://feeds.wired... ⇢ Public new status message


Download new Facebook Photos I’m tagged in to Dropbox

Every photo that I’m tagged ⇢ Subir archivo


Pushover notification when I burn over 1200 calories in my diet

Alimentación ⇢ Enviar a Pushover


Track Jawbone UP sleep in a Google spreadsheet

Sueño ⇢ Guardar en una hoja de cálculo


Post to Twitter Public Notes from Evernote

Nueva nota compartida ⇢ Publicar un tweet


Notification with weather conditions and forecast for tomorrow

Previsión por ciudad ⇢ Send a notification


Record spreadsheet for new items shared through Buffer

Nuevo contenido compartido ⇢ Guardar en una hoja de cálculo


Uploaded YouTube videos to Wordpress Post

Nuevo vídeo subido ⇢ Send to WordPress