What is Botize?

Botize is a tool which is designed to help creating bots without technical knowledge.

It does not require any programs and you just have to choose a function from list of formulas to incorporate into your bot.

Botize is not a tool to achieve thousands of followers or to create spam in Twitter; such manners are not welcome to users and could cause negative effects in a long run. Use it effectively and efficiently and you will soon succeed with increasing satisfaction of your followers.

What is a Bot and what is it for?

Bot is a program which is capable of taking into action of one or even more actions in an automatic manner. All the actions which were input to the Bot, from that instant it does not require any human intervention anymore.

Tareas disponibles

Botize permite crear hasta 3 tareas de manera gratuita. Cada una de ellas puede personalizarse desde el panel de control.


Botize utiliza palabras clave que pueden ser utilizadas para generar un contenido más dinámico.

  • {date}
    Muestra la fecha en formato dd-mm-yyyy
    Ejemplo: Hoy es {date}

  • {time}
    Muestra la hora en formato hh:mm
    Ejemplo: Son las {time} de {date}

  • {{day}}
    Muestra el día en curso (inglés)
    Ejemplo: Today is {{day}}

  • {{month}}
    Muestra el mes en curso (inglés)
    Ejemplo: Is {{month}}

  • {{dia}}
    Muestra el día en curso (español)
    Ejemplo: Hoy es {{dia}}

  • {{mes}}
    Muestra el mes en curso (español)
    Ejemplo: Estamos en {{mes}}

Spam and its abuse of bots

In order to avoid spams, Botize strongly sticks to a rule which makes bots to answer only when it is mentioned in advance.

Yet there are other ways to send out spams by abusing hastags (key words), trending topics (key words which are mentioned the most amongst twitter users) or by using specific names or brands.

If that case happens, Botize allows users to send spam warnings simply by sending tweet with hashtag in the following manner: #SPAM bot in question.

@bot You deserve it! #SPAM

Botize detects all hashtags which cointain #SPAM which are sent by users and the system disconnects those bots which have certain amount of warnings. The amount of warnings which are requested by Botize in order to disconnect a bot depends on the amount of reported alerts, conversations which have kept with other users without being classified as a spam, etc.

Once the bot has been disconnected, it can only be reactivated by its author, who will be informed that his/her bot has been reported as a spam through Botize's control panel.

Apart from it, Twitter facilitates other means of security system, one of which could be a definite deletion of the twitter account.

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