What’s Botize?

Botize is the easiest way to create your own bot, in other words, robots in twitter world.

Using Botize's control panel in combination with external services (APIs) ; it enables you to create bots with unique characteristics only in a few minutes.

Botize is not a tool to increase number of followers nor is created to send spams out in Twitter. It was created with an objective of adding new functions & features to your Twitter account which enables you to offer interesting services to your followers.

As you might have already noticed that they have roots of robots; therefore, whether to create robots which save the humanity or destructive demons depend on you.

How can we use it?

There are many usages that Botize can offer to Twitter accounts. For instance, a bot can send out tweets by picking vocabulary up randomly while other bots could respond to its mentions in response of requests on weather information from anywhere in the world, etc. You can make them all happen thanks to plugins that Botize offers.

Create your own Bot in Twitter in 2 minutes

The following video shows you how to create a simple Bot which doesn't require more than two minutes.