End user interface

The Botize end users will make use of the Botize control panel to build tasks from the available triggers and actions.

When doing so, they will need to provide some configuration information such as:

  • The user credentials, when using an external service.
  • How output data from the trigger is paired to input data for the action (for data using standard types only).
  • Any other configuration required by the function or the action (for example, an URL and a directory name for an action that creates a file on a FTP server).

Botize will provide the UI for the user to provide credentials, but for the other two types of configuration, the UI must be provided by the application itself. This is done by providing the markup for a HTML form as part of the information returned by one of the commands. Botize will render the configuration forms for the trigger and the action as part of the task configuration page offered to the user, and will store the data supplied by the user in the input elements to pass it to the appropriate trigger or action when invoking it.

Providing a configuration form is optional. You do not need to supply one if the function in question makes use of custom type data only and there is otherwise nothing else to configure.

See the get_function_info command description and the validate_form_data command description for more details.