Registering a Botize application

Before your application functions can be used to build tasks, you need to register the application within Botize. You can do so from the Botize control panel.

Registering a new application

In order to register a new application within Botize, follow these steps:

  1. Once logged in the Botize site, go to API - My Apps and click Register Your Application.
  2. Fill the “Name” field with the application id. This is the value that Botize will pass in the “app” parameter when invoking the commands of your application (see the Command reference - General notes section). Remember that application identifiers must be unique on the whole Botize site.
  3. Fill the “Application URL” field with the entry point for your application (that is, the URL where Botize will send the command execution requests for your application). You can specify the same entry point URL for more than one application.
  4. Click the “Register” button.

Once your application is registered, it will appear in the applications list. Now you need to perform a one-time configuration process by following these steps:

  1. Click the “Edit” button that appears next to the application name in the applications list. You will enter the application configuration page.
  2. Click the “Update” button that appears under the “Update functions” title. This will cause Botize to perform a request to your application in order to get information about the available functions (this is done by invoking the get_function_info method) and to cache this data.
  3. If Botize must supply credentials in order to invoke the commands of your application, specify them in the “User” and “Password” fields and click the “Update” button. Botize will include these credentials in the Authentication field of all the HTTP requests made to your application. See the Security section for details.

That's it. Once you have completed these steps, you can start building tasks that make use of your application's functions.

Updating an existing application

If you make changes to your application that affect the way in which Botize interacts with it, you should update the information that Botize has about the application. These changes include:

  • Changes in functions. New functions are added, existing functions are deleted, or there are changes in function configuration forms or in any other data returned by the get_function_info command for at least one of the existing functions.
  • The entry point URL for your application changes.
  • The credentials that Botize needs to use when communicating with your application change.

The way to update your application's information is by using the same Botize page in which you performed the one-time configuration process for the application. Simply click the “Edit” button that appears next to the application name in the applications list and modify the application information as appropriate.

Note that there is no way to change the application identifier once the application is registered. This is by design, if you want to change the application identifier you need to remove the application from Botize and registering it again.

Removing an application from Botize

You can remove a previously registered application from Botize so that its functions cannot be used to build Botize tasks anymore. To do so, simply click the “Delete this App” button in the application configuration page.

Note that when an application is removed, all the tasks that were using the application functions will be automatically disabled.