You do not need to store anything

Last but not least, the Botize API has a useful feature that simplifies the development of Botize applications: it will store any state data needed between function invocations so that you do not have to do it by yourself.

In other words, you can develop stateless, database-free applications. This is achieved by using the following mechanisms:

  • Function configuration provided by end users in configuration forms is supplied as part of the request input data every time the function is invoked.
  • Custom data can be included in the response when a function is invoked. This data will be supplied back, unmodified, to the same function the next time it is invoked.
  • Custom authentication data can be included in the response to a user authentication request. This data will be supplied, unmodified, to the trigger and the action of the task in which the user performed the authentication.

See the process_trigger command description, the do_action command description and the authenticate_user command description for more details.