What is Botize, and what is the Botize API?

From the end user point of view, Botize is a platform that allows the creation and management of tasks. A task is a combination of a trigger and an action.

A trigger is a process that is started by a periodic timer or an external event (for example, a new message is posted in a social network) and produces output data. This data is inputted into the action -another process that is started only in response to a trigger-, which does something with it (for example, writing an automated reply to the posted message). Actions and triggers are usually, but not necessarily, bound to Internet applications and services.

The Botize API is a platform that allows you to create Botize applications. A Botize application is a collection of actions and triggers, which are collectively named functions. Once an application is published and registered within Botize, their functions can be used by end users to build tasks, possibly in combination with functions from other applications.