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  • btzcalculator


    Evaluates a mathematical expression and returns its result.

  • btzcalculator

    Generate Random Number

    Generates a random number within a defined range.

  • btzcalculator

    Round to nearest multiple

    Takes two parameters: a number (or a mathematical expression) and a multiple, and returns the number rounded to the nearest multiple. It is used to round a number to the closest unit of measurement, such as rounding a price to the nearest 5 cents.

  • btzcalculator

    Round to a specific number of decimals

    Accepts two parameters: a number (or mathematical expression) and a decimal precision, then returns the rounded number to the specified decimal precision.

  • btzcalculator

    Round a number to the nearest integer up

    Rounds a number (or a mathematical expression) up to the nearest integer. It can be useful for applications that require precise calculations or for displaying data in a more user-friendly format.