Automate tasks with Botize Containers

Botize containers can store any content from different sources (YouTube, RSS, Blogs...). Use containers to redirect the content to services, applications or social networks.


  • btzcontainers

    If there are items in a container

    Extracts each new element from a container, being able to specify the order (sequential, random or by entry date) and apply filters to extract only those elements that contain one or more words or specific tags. By extracting an item from the container, it can be removed from the container or a copy can be kept in the container.


  • btzcontainers

    Add an item to a container

    Add a new element to the container, being able to customize the text, date, tags, URL and file that it will contain. Optionally you can specify a list of tags and all those elements that contain one or more of them will be eliminated from the container.