Autopublish on Facebook Pages

Methods and practical examples

While generating quality content takes time and planning, the publishing process is a task that can be perfectly automated. So much so that even Facebook contemplates this possibility on its own platform.

Facebook offers editors and page administrators the possibility to program the date and time of the publications, within the time zone that corresponds to the page. Said publications must have been previously established on the platform by their respective administrators or editors.

Automation options with the new Facebook API

The objective of this guide is to teach you in detail the options that currently exist regarding the automation of publications.

For each option we have programmed different example tasks that you can install and also edit to suit your own needs.

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These are the automations you can do this year

BOTIZE | Automate tasks on the Internet

Hundreds of automations for your social networks and applications.

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Publish with Botize

Unlike programming posts from Facebook, doing it with Botize expands the number of options:

  • Set calendars, intervals and publication frequencies
  • Generate content dynamically
  • Get content remotely from another location
  • Enrich posts with content from other sources
  • Post to Facebook Pages in addition to other networks and platforms
  • Fully automate the flow of content generation and publication

Requirements for automation

The process, in addition to being simple, only requires a Facebook developer account and administrator permissions for the page you are going to automate.

With this you will get a permission (token) with which you can start automating. If you do not have an account or do not know how to obtain it, you can follow this guide that we have prepared for create a Facebook developer account, get the authorization token and automate your first task.

Types of publications

Determined by the possibilities offered by the Facebook API, the types of posts that you are going to be able to automate are text messages, links, images and videos.

There are some restrictions such that each post can only be of one type, except for the text message, which can be present in link posts, images and videos.

You can set the post type in your automation or you can let Botize automatically detect it and set the most appropriate one in each case.

A) Text message

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The weather in Madrid is sunny and the temperature is 28°C with a maximum of 34°C.

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B) Link

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The weather in Madrid is Sunny.

Madrid, Spain - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News - Yahoo Weather

View the latest weather forecasts, maps, news and alerts on Yahoo Weather. Find local weather forecasts for Madrid, Spain throughout the world

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C) Image or video

Yesterday at 4:51 PM public

Good morning Madrid!

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Content sources

With Botize the content to be published on Facebook can be provided by any other service, platform or social network, without need that this has to be previously downloaded or stored for use.
In the automatic tasks that we present in this guide you can see a multitude of applications external to Facebook that provide content to it and that can serve as inspiration and period starting for your goals.

Automate publication frequency

For constant content publication flows, you can set the frequency of publication based on hours, days, weeks or months.

Publish in your prime hours

Access your page and click on Statistics> Publications> When your fans are online. Then automate a task that posts within those prime times.

Facebook auto share to F.Pages

Share your profile posts on a Facebook page Facebook or only those in which you include a specific hashtag or keyword.

Auto publish own content from other networks

When the content to be published is not on Facebook, you can automate capture it directly from other social networks.

Share YouTube videos

In the same way you can share each new video that you publish on your channel YouTube, post someone else, contain a specific search word, or add to a folder.

Share Instagram on Facebook Pages

Each of the images you post on your Instagram account can be shared on your page or only those that you have previously tagged for it.

Share images from other sources

Images may be located on other platforms or belong only to you, such as those in a specific folder in your Dropbox, or those you store in one of the Botize containers you have.

WordPress posts

As part of an automation you can include the publication of every new post you create in WordPress , or more specifically only those that contain a certain tag.

Auto share blog posts

Botize integrates different blogging platforms, so you can also auto post on Facebook Pages each new entry.

Automate the publication of an RSS feed

Any content that is offered in RSS format, such as News from most of the media, you can read with Botize and post your entries as often as you like on a Facebook page.

Auto publish content from a spreadsheet

If your content has not yet been published in any other source , you can store it in a private sheet of Google Sheets and connect it to Botize so that the publications are fed directly from your spreadsheet.

Auto publish content from more than one source

Botize can get information from different sources, allowing you automate posts that are made up of messages and images from different sources.

Combine and create unique content

Automation is not at odds with creativity. You can for example get time in your city from Yahoo Weather, take a photo of the city with Unsplash and make a nice graphic composition, all 100% automated!

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Good morning Madrid!

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You can customize the text including many other parameters such as the forecast for the next day.

Share posts between two or more pages

Content can be obtained from one Facebook page and end in another Auto shares for example those posts that contain a certain keyword.

Autopublish to more than one network

In the same automation you can include the publication in more than one network, like Twitter, Blogger, Facebook Groups or LinkedIn.

Autopublish in messaging applications

Similarly, the publication may be accompanied by a notification in the same instant on a Slack group or Telegram channel.

Users give their opinion

The following list constitutes the main advantages and recommendations that we have extracted from companies that make intensive use of Facebook Pages in their strategies of marketing.

  • Advantages

  • Help yourself in your content strategy with periodicalscheck
  • Publish content in prime time slots or at those times or days of the week that you cannot attend to yourselfcheck
  • Find out what content sources exist on the net that can add value to your page check
  • Social cues from an active community influence better search engine ranking check
  • Promote traffic to your website or mobile app check
  • Recommendations

  • Keep a balance your audience perceives appropriate between automated and manual content check
  • Avoid publishing duplicate content even though it may be your own creation check
  • Check your automatic posts frequently and make sure that they continue to be useful over time. Delete or update the ones not check
  • Take time to respond to comments your automatic posts receive. Now you will have more time for it check
  • Continue posting manually. Keep the personal touch check
  • Facebook’s goal is still to interact with people. Actively participate in your content and that of other people check

Publish at irregular intervals, as you would do

Humanize your tasks, make them share content by leaving spend several, minutes or hours, different each time, or allow days to pass so that your publications also serve as a reminder.