Automate tasks with Webhook - HTTP Requests

Execute requests to specific URLs using different methods (GET, POST, ...) and data formats (String, Form data or JSON).


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    HTTP(S) Request

    Sends an HTTP(S) request to a specified URL and processes the response.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Webhook?

A webhook is a way for an application to send real-time data to another application. It is a 'hook' that triggers an HTTP POST request to a specific URL when an event occurs.

What does the Webhooks tool in Botize do?

It allows you to receive or send data between Botize and other applications that support webhooks. This is useful for integrating applications that do not have native integration with Botize.

How can I receive data in Botize using a webhook?

1. Create an automated task.
2. Select 'Automate tasks with Webhook'.
3. Select 'Execute an HTTP(S) request' to receive data from a URL and use it in the subsequent steps of your automation.

How can I send data from Botize using a webhook?

1. Create an automated task.
2. Add an action and select 'Automate tasks with Webhook' as the action.
3. Configure the request to send data to the destination URL.
4. Select the HTTP method (POST, GET, etc.) and configure the data you want to send.