Automate tasks with Trabber

Trabber is a flights, hotels and rental cars online search engine that allows you to compare, with a single click, the results of the main booking sites

Flight rates are constantly changing, which added to the number of sites that exist makes the task of finding and tracking offers a less complex task, sometimes becoming stressful.

Finding the best offer on the net and in the shortest possible time constitutes two of the main objectives that come to solve meta search engines like Trabber.

Trabber also has tools for users to subscribe to offers, which enables continuous and unattended monitoring; Users no longer need to go to the portal periodically and carry out the same searches, but it is Trabber in this case who informs us at the time it detects results according to our established preferences.

How to find the best deals

Trabber has three features that make it especially interesting for spotting opportunities. It does not require setting dates, it allows searching leaving the destination open anywhere and gives the option of establishing a maximum budget with which to define the range of results in which we are interested.

Search for open-dated offers

We are not required to set departure or arrival dates in the search, which is ideal for prioritizing the rate without any restrictions.

Users with less flexibility of dates but still want to use this feature can choose to limit the offer to weekends, again without specifying any specific, so that The opportunities to find good offers can be increased considerably.

Search for offers with open destination

In combination with the above we can establish the destination of our open trip, which means that we expand the options and thereby increase the possibilities of finding a greater number of offers.

Search for offers with maximum price

In combination with the previous options we can choose to establish a maximum price, from which we will be indicating to Trabber that our intention to filter the results. While it may can reduce the number of offers we receive we will also be increasing the quality and affinity with our preferences.

How to create price alerts

The collection of automatic tasks that we have put together covers the different ways of creating alerts for offers, by dates, by destinations, by price, etc. and combines them with channels through which you can both receive them and share them: social networks, instant messaging applications, spreadsheets, etc.

The tasks that you will find here have been previously created so that you can use them directly or adapt them to your preferences of destinations, prices and dates.

Receive personalized flight offers

A first contact, simple and direct. Receive an email every time that there is a new offer for a specific route.

Receive flight offers with open destinations

Set your city as a starting point, let Trabber discover you the destinations you can travel to.

Receive flight deals for weekends only

What offer could you take advantage of for this weekend? And for the next one? Receive offers but exclusively weekend getaways.

Set your maximum price

You set the maximum budget, receive only potentially interesting offers. Too much budget Low? You will receive fewer offers but when they arrive they will be cause for celebration!

Track flight offers

What email or website was that offer you saw and now Can’t find? The more travelers run the risk of becoming saturated with alerts. A more convenient option is to automatically upload them to a spreadsheet than to be able to periodically review them.

More than an offer is an opportunity

Good offers do not last forever and sometimes can already be late when you decide to open your emails with offers. Those more specific searches for offers that do not happen every day can be programmed to reach you directly as notification on your mobile phone.

Post flight deals on social media

Do you have a user community interested in travel? Can you complement your activity on social networks including specific offers to share with your audience. You can also set the frequency or the maximum number of offers you want to share at the end of the day, week or month.

Enrich your posts with images

Botize has the ability to combine information from different sources. You can automate capture of Trabber offers, a random photograph of the destination city, compose an image with all the data and published on social networks in a way that is more attractive to your audience.

Share flight offers in your chats

With family, group of friends or coworkers. Yes you are looking for or scheduling your next trip you can automate the capture of offers and the sending to your group chats.