Automatic Tasks

How many steps can a task have?

Botize has a limitation of only 10 steps in each task to avoid bad practices in automation design, such as excessive complexity. This limitation is made to force dividing a complex problem into simpler automations. In this way, the maintenance of an automation is simpler, there is less tolerance for errors and it is also easier to determine anomalies if they occur.

However, this limitation does not prevent creating large tasks with many steps. You can, from within a task, call others and thus end up creating larger automations. Instead of creating a task with 100 steps, you can create 10 tasks of 10 steps each, which makes it easier to understand and debug the process. This helps keep the automation clean and organized, making maintenance and problem resolution easier.

More information: Simplifying and reusing tasks.

Can I create tasks where different steps are executed depending on different circumstances?

Yes, through rules. In each step of a task, you can define rules to be executed or not depending on certain circumstances.

Here you will find several examples explained step by step: RULES: What to do and when.

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