get 10 products given a keyword

AliExpress Affiliates


Returns a list of up to 10 products for a specific keyword/s.

  • AliExpress returns a single price for each of its products, usually the sale price before applying possible discounts.
  • You can select between products from the entire catalog offered by AliExpress or only those from the PLAZA platform (products, stores, shipments and warranty in Spain).
  • You can exclude products that share very similar names from the results.
  • AliExpress only allows you to enter a keyword in the search, but you can create several tasks and specify a different keyword in each of them.
  • You can prioritize the diversity of categories.

Information provided

When executed, this operation delivers the following data, which can be used in the same automatic task.

  • Tags

  • Products {{products}}

    List of products

  • Product Id {{products.0.product_id}}

    Product Id

  • Product URL {{products.0.product_url}}

    Product detail URL

  • Affiliate Product URL {{products.0.affiliate_url}}

    Product detail URL with the user's affiliate code

  • Image URL {{products.0.image_url}}

    Main Product image URL

  • Title {{products.0.title}}

    Product Title

  • Original Price {{products.0.target_original_price}}

    Original price in target currency

  • Sale Price {{products.0.target_sale_price}}

    Non-App sale price in target currency

  • Currency {{products.0.currency}}

    Target Currency

  • Site Price {{products.0.site_price}}

    Shows the lowest price between the price indicated via API and the one indicated on the AliExpress site

Common Errors

TrackingId input parameter error

You currently have more than one Tracking ID associated with your AliExpress account. To properly execute this automation, it is necessary for you to edit the task and specify the Tracking ID you want to use in the 'Tracking Id' field

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