Automatically if there are Featured Promotions for a category

AliExpress Affiliates


Returns the next Featured Promotion product found for a specific category and promotion type.

  • The product libraries are stationary for long-term usage and selected in accordance with Affialiate theme query as well as promotion.
  • The product libraries and names are listed as follows: Hot Product, New Arrival, Best Seller, weeklydeals.
  • According to the limitations established by AliExpress for its API, not all categories have products.
  • AliExpress returns a single price for each of its products, usually the sale price before applying possible discounts.
  • You can exclude products that share very similar names from the results.

Information provided

When executed, this operation delivers the following data, which can be used in the same automatic task.

  • Tags

  • Product Id {{product_id}}

    Product Id

  • Product URL {{product_url}}

    Product detail URL

  • Affiliate Product URL {{affiliate_url}}

    Product detail URL with the user's affiliate code

  • Image URL {{image_url}}

    Main Product image URL

  • Title {{title}}

    Product Title

  • Original Price {{target_original_price}}

    Original price in target currency

  • Sale Price {{target_sale_price}}

    Non-App sale price in target currency

  • Currency {{currency}}

    Target Currency

  • Site Price {{site_price}}

    Shows the lowest price between the price indicated via API and the one indicated on the AliExpress site

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