get 10 products given a keyword

Amazon Associates


Returns a list of up to 10 products for a specific keyword/s (like 'Coffe' or 'Coffee maker').

  • EU Omnibus regulation (allows to show the lowest price of the last 30 days as a reference price).
  • Sort the results according to different criteria such as opinions, recent products, top rated , cheap, expensive or relevant.
  • Improve the quality of the results by setting a minimum number of stars.
  • Determine with precision the range of products to extract by setting a minimum and maximum price.
  • Extract the best products by establishing the minimum discount that the products must meet to be selected.
  • Exclude from the results those products that share very similar names.
  • Improve the diversity of results by prioritizing the diversity of categories.

Information provided

When executed, this operation delivers the following data, which can be used in the same automatic task.

  • Tags

  • Products {{products}}

    List of products

  • ASIN {{products.0.asin}}

    ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number.
    It is a unique identifier of 10 letters or numbers used mainly for the identification of products within the Amazon catalog.

  • Product URL {{products.0.url}}

    Product detail URL with the user's affiliate code

  • Image URL {{products.0.image_url}}

    Main Product image URL

  • Title {{products.0.title}}

    Product Title

  • Features {{products.0.features}}

    Product Features

  • Product Group {{products.0.product_group}}

    Product Category.
    For example: Video on Demand

  • Current price {{products.0.price}}

    Current price (after saving percentage) in target currency.
    For example: 22.99

  • Price:Currency {{products.0.currency}}

    Target Currency.
    For example: EUR

  • Current price:Formated {{products.0.display_amount}}

    Current price (after saving percentage) formated in target currency.
    For example: 22,99 €

  • Saving:Amount {{products.0.savings_amount}}

    Sales prices in target currency.
    For example: 17

  • Saving:Currency {{products.0.savings_currency}}

    Target Currency.
    For example: EUR

  • Saving:Formated {{products.0.savings_display_amount}}

    Sales price formated in target currency.
    For example: 17,00 € (43%)

  • Saving:Percentage {{products.0.savings_display_percentage}}

    Saving Percentage.
    For example: 43

  • Original Price:Amount {{products.0.original_price}}

    Original price, before discounts.
    For example: 33.99

  • Original Price:Formated {{products.0.display_original_price}}

    Original price, before discounts formated in target currency.
    For example: 33.99 €

  • Lowest Recent Price {{products.0.savingbasis_amount}}

    Strike-Through Pricing and Savings.
    For example: 55.00

  • Lowest Recent Price:Formated {{products.0.savingbasis_display_amount}}

    Strike-Through Pricing and Savings formated in target currency.
    For example: 55.00 €

  • Lowest Recent Price:Label {{products.0.savingbasis_label}}

    Label of Strike-Through Pricing and Savings.
    For example: List price, With deal, Last lowest price, etc

  • Total products {{total_products}}

    Total number of products extracted after applying the different filters, with a maximum of 10.
    For example: 10

Frequently Asked Questions

The error 'Error Too Many Requests. The request was denied due to request throttling. Please verify the number of requests made per second to the Amazon Product Advertising API' occurs

  1. Amazon may not have enabled your API access yet (even if you have already been able to generate your access keys).

    Amazon API access credentials are typically not available from the time they are created. In some cases it may be necessary to wait up to 48 hours before they can be used, while other users have even reported waiting several weeks.

    We recommend waiting up to 48 hours from the time you create your Amazon credentials.
  2. Your Amazon API has access to a different country than the one you indicated in the Botize connection form.

    In this case you will have to connect another affiliate account that does operate in the country for which you are interested.
  3. It is possible that you are exceeding the number of calls that Amazon allows you or that access to the Amazon API has been revoked.

    When Amazon gives you access to the API and creates your credentials, it allows you to make only one API request for one second and a maximum of 8,640 requests per day for the first 30 days. Subsequently, and depending on the sales made, Amazon will extend or reduce these limits.

    If you have multiple tasks running at the same time, you may be making more API calls in the same second than Amazon allows. In this case, a solution is to schedule your tasks to run at different times so that they do not coincide with each other.

    See the page Amazon API Usage Limits to learn more About Amazon limits.
  4. You haven't made any sales for more than 1 month.

    You need a minimum of one sale per month to maintain your access to the API.

    If you have not made any sales in the last 30 days, Amazon can revoke access to the API.

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