Automatically if there are products in a subcategory

Amazon Associates


Returns the next product found for a keyword inside a specific subcategory.

When using the Amazon API, it's crucial to understand that you can only retrieve results from the first 10 pages, with a maximum of 10 products per page, limiting access to a total of 100 products. To overcome this restriction and access a wider variety of products, it's necessary to make more specific queries.

  • Browse subcategory nodes:
  • EU Omnibus regulation (allows to show the lowest price of the last 30 days as a reference price).
  • You can specify a keyword as well as a category to optimize your search.
  • Sort the results according to different criteria such as opinions, recent products, top rated , cheap, expensive or relevant.
  • Improve the quality of the results by setting a minimum number of stars.
  • Determine with precision the range of products to extract by setting a minimum and maximum price.
  • Extract the best products by establishing the minimum discount that the products must meet to be selected.
  • Exclude from the results those products that share very similar names.
  • Improve the diversity of results by prioritizing the diversity of categories.

Information provided

When executed, this operation delivers the following data, which can be used in the same automatic task.

  • Tags

  • ASIN {{asin}}

    ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number.
    It is a unique identifier of 10 letters or numbers used mainly for the identification of products within the Amazon catalog.

  • Product URL {{url}}

    Product detail URL with the user's affiliate code

  • Image URL {{image_url}}

    Main Product image URL

  • Variants URL {{variants}}

  • Image Variant 1 {{variants.0}}

  • Image Variant 2 {{variants.1}}

  • Image Variant 3 {{variants.2}}

  • Image Variant 4 {{variants.3}}

  • Image Variant 5 {{variants.4}}

  • Image Variant 6 {{variants.5}}

  • Title {{title}}

    Product Title

  • Features {{features}}

    Product Features

  • Product Group {{product_group}}

    Product Category.
    For example: Video on Demand

  • Current price {{price}}

    Current price (after saving percentage) in target currency.
    For example: 22.99

  • Price:Currency {{currency}}

    Target Currency.
    For example: EUR

  • Current price:Formated {{display_amount}}

    Current price (after saving percentage) formated in target currency.
    For example: 22,99 €

  • Saving:Amount {{savings_amount}}

    Sales prices in target currency.
    For example: 17

  • Saving:Currency {{savings_currency}}

    Target Currency.
    For example: EUR

  • Saving:Formated {{savings_display_amount}}

    Sales price formated in target currency.
    For example: 17,00 € (43%)

  • Saving:Percentage {{savings_display_percentage}}

    Saving Percentage.
    For example: 43

  • Original Price:Amount {{original_price}}

    Original price, before discounts.
    For example: 33.99

  • Original Price:Formated {{display_original_price}}

    Original price, before discounts formated in target currency.
    For example: 33.99 €

  • Is free shipping eligible {{is_free_shipping_eligible}}

    Specifies whether a product is eligible for free shipping

  • is Prime eligible {{is_prime_eligible}}

    Specifies about the prime eligibility about the product. The specific price that a Prime offer could have is not specified because it is not a data provided by Amazon.

  • Lowest Recent Price {{savingbasis_amount}}

    Strike-Through Pricing and Savings.
    For example: 55.00

  • Lowest Recent Price:Formated {{savingbasis_display_amount}}

    Strike-Through Pricing and Savings formated in target currency.
    For example: 55.00 €

  • Lowest Recent Price:Label {{savingbasis_label}}

    Label of Strike-Through Pricing and Savings.
    For example: List price, With deal, Last lowest price, etc

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