Create Structured data (DEPRECATED)

OpenAI GPT 3.5 Turbo (Legacy)


Create new information from a brief description of each piece of data you want to obtain and a text that is provided to GPT as context.

Information provided

When executed, this operation delivers the following data, which can be used in the same automatic task.

  • Tags

  • Raw Response {{raw_response}}

    Unprocessed or raw response generated by the GPT language model.
    e.g. "1":"red"}

  • Finish reason {{finish_reason}}

    reason why the resulting text has terminated.
    e.g. lenght

  • Prompt tokens {{prompt_tokens}}

    Number of tokens in the Prompt. 1 token ~= 4 chars in English

  • Completion tokens {{completion_tokens}}

    Number of tokens in the Completion. 1 token ~= 4 chars in English

  • Total tokens {{total_tokens}}

    Prompt tokens + Completion tokens

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