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Send a message (usually a question) that may include an image/video/file to a chat and wait for the user's response before continuing.

  • The following tags are currently supported in the messages: b, strong , i, em, u, ins, s, strike, del, a, code, pre.
  • You can include URL Buttons and Callback Buttons in posts.

Information provided

When executed, this operation delivers the following data, which can be used in the same automatic task.

  • Tags

  • From User Id {{from_id}}

  • Message Id {{message_id}}

  • From Username {{from_name}}

  • From Chat Id {{chat_id}}

  • User message {{text}}

  • File Id {{file_id}}

    Id of the image or file included in the response. Use the 'Get the URL of a file' option to convert the file Id to a URL

  • Type of message {{type}}

  • Callback data {{callback_data}}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a button in Telegram that when pressed opens a chat with a specific user or bot?

When creating the button in Botize, indicate the URL "". This will create a button that when pressed will open a chat with the specified user/bot. Simply replace username with the Telegram username of the user or bot you want to talk to. For example, if the username of the user you want to talk to is 'Botize', the URL would be "". Clicking on this button will automatically open a conversation with that user on Telegram.

I receive the error: Can't parse entities. Can't find end tag corresponding to start tag strong

This error indicates that in the message that is being attempted to be sent through Telegram, contains a HTML 'strong' opening tag (or start) that does not have its corresponding closing tag (or end).

To fix it, check the message that is attempting to be sent and make sure all opening tags have a corresponding closing tag.

I receive the error: Can't parse entities. Tag <span> must have class 'tg-spoiler'

This error indicates that the message being sent through Telegram contains an HTML tag <span>, but it does not have the 'tg-spoiler' class.

Telegram only allows the <span> tag within a message if it is accompanied by the 'tg-spoiler' class. Otherwise, the tag should be removed from the message.

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