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Edit the text, image, video or file of a specific post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Telegram bot edit any message in a chat?

It is not possible. Telegram has restrictions regarding the ability of bots to edit messages. Bots can only edit messages they have previously sent. If you try to edit messages from other users or administrators, you will receive an error message that says 'message can't be edited.'

If you need to modify messages that have not been sent by the bot (messages from other users), it's important to note that a Telegram bot still has the capability to delete messages from other users and replace them with a new message containing the desired modifications. This allows the bot to make changes in the chat, but it cannot directly edit messages from other users without deleting and replacing them.

Common Errors

Bad Request: there is no text in the message to edit

This error occurs when trying to edit only the text of a post that originally includes both text and image. For these types of posts, it is necessary to specify, in addition to the text, the URL of the original image or the URL of a new image.

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