Automatically if a user presses a Telegram button

Telegram Bot


It is triggered every time a user clicks on the buttons attached to the posts of a chat.

  • You can choose to trigger the task for a specific chat or for any chat where it has been displayed the button.

Information provided

When executed, this operation delivers the following data, which can be used in the same automatic task.

  • Tags

  • From User Id {{from_id}}

  • Message Id {{message_id}}

  • From Username {{from_name}}

  • From Chat Id {{chat_id}}

  • Button text {{text}}

  • Reply to message Username {{reply_to_message_username}}

  • Reply to message Text {{reply_to_message_text}}

  • Callback data {{callback_data}}

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I limit who can interact with my bot?

You can limit who can interact with your bot by using the 'Task runs when receiving updates from a specific user, group or channel' field in the bot's settings. This field allows you to specify specific users, groups or channels that are able to interact with the bot.

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