Extract a list of inactive products



Return the products (up to a maximum of 10) that have been without updates for the longest time.

Information provided

When executed, this operation delivers the following data, which can be used in the same automatic task.

  • Tags

  • WooCommerce Products {{woocommerce_products}}

  • Count inactive producto {{count_inactive_products}}

    Total number of inactive products extracted

  • Product Id {{woocommerce_products.0.product_id}}

    Product ID assigned by WooCommerce.
    For example: 123

  • Name {{woocommerce_products.0.name}}

    Product name.
    For example: FullHD Monitor

  • Slug {{woocommerce_products.0.slug}}

    Part of the friendly URL used to uniquely identify a particular product.
    For example: fullhd-monitor

  • Permalink {{woocommerce_products.0.permalink}}

    Unique URL generated by WooCommerce for each particular product.
    For example: https://onlineshop.com/product/fullhd-monitor

  • Type {{woocommerce_products.0.type}}

    Type of product: Simple Product, Grouped Product, External/Affiliate Product or Variable Product.
    For example: external

  • Status {{woocommerce_products.0.status}}

    Status type: Draft, Pending, Private or Publish.
    For example: publish

  • Featured {{woocommerce_products.0.featured}}

    Whether the product is featured or not.
    For example: true

  • Description {{woocommerce_products.0.description}}

    Product description.
    For example: 1920x1080, IPS LED, 16:9, HDMI

  • SKU {{woocommerce_products.0.sku}}

    Stock Keeping Unit is the product code or reference number.
    For example: fullhd-monitor

  • Price {{woocommerce_products.0.price}}

    Current price of the product. If the product is on sale it will contain the value indicated in {{sale_price}}, otherwise the value indicated in {{regular_price}}.
    For example: 75

  • Regular price {{woocommerce_products.0.regular_price}}

    Normal price of the product when it is not on sale.
    For example: 100

  • Sale price {{woocommerce_products.0.sale_price}}

    Offer price of the product when it is on sale.
    For example: 75

  • External URL {{woocommerce_products.0.external_url}}

    External or affiliate URL for 'external' product types.
    For example: https://amazon.com/dp/BA3848123?tag=mycode-21

  • Image URL {{woocommerce_products.0.image_url}}

    URL of the main product image.
    For example: https://onlineshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/31iIhUf9-rL.jpg

  • Date created (GMT) {{woocommerce_products.0.date_created_gmt}}

    The date the product was created, as GMT.
    For example: 2023-02-22T09:20:48

  • Date modified (GMT) {{woocommerce_products.0.date_modified_gmt}}

    The date the product was last modified, as GMT.
    For example: 2023-02-22T09:20:48

  • Days since last modification {{woocommerce_products.0.days_since_modified}}

    Total number of days elapsed since the product was last modified.
    For example: 0

  • Stock status {{woocommerce_products.0.stock_status}}

    Controls the stock status of the product. Options: instock, outofstock, onbackorder.
    For example: instock

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