Automate tasks with Amazon Coupons

Save with Amazon Coupons. Clip the Coupon and add the item to your cart.


  • amazon_coupons

    If there is a new coupon

    Returns the following coupon from the Amazon homepage sorted by discount percentage.

    • The coupons you get with this integration are the ones found at this URL
    • Available for Amazon Spain and Amazon USA.
    • Returns the coupon link, description, ASIN, discount percentage or amount, and image.
    • Returns the deal price, current price and the discount percentage applied.
    • Every hour the coupons are updated, receiving up to a maximum of 100 coupons ordered from highest to lowest discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the extraction of Amazon coupons work in Botize?

Every hour, Botize extracts the first 100 coupons from Amazon, filtering and saving only those that are new to our internal database. Your task accesses this database to retrieve the next available coupon each time it runs. Keep in mind that Amazon updates its coupons infrequently, which can result in periods where no new coupons are added to our database. This can explain why sometimes there are few coupons available.