Automate tasks with Text Parser

Extract data from texts.


  • btztextparser

    Extract data from text

    Provide an example text, indicate what data you want to extract from it and an algorithm will be in charge of extracting the same data from the texts that you provide from now on.

  • btztextparser

    Remove lines from text

    Remove from a text those lines that do not meet certain conditions.

  • btztextparser

    Extract URLs from text

    Extract a listing of URLs contained in a text, allowing filtering by host (domain) and substrings.

  • btztextparser

    Extract prices from text

    Extract a listing of prices contained in a text, allowing filtering by currency formats.

  • btztextparser

    Extract data using regular expressions

    Generates new tags with the data extracted from one or more regular expressions.
    Each new tag is a list of 1 or more items according to the regular expression used. To access the values ‚Äč‚Äčof each tag, use the name followed by a period and the index of the element. For example {{new_tag.1}} to access the second value containing the tag.
    This operation is equivalent to the command match in Javascript.