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eBay affiliate program with which you can earn money by attracting buyers to eBay, without having to sell or ship items.



How to connect eBay to Botize

Guide to obtain the credentials to automate eBay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Affiliate Campaign ID?

The Affiliate Campaign ID is a unique 10-digit number provided by the eBay Partner Network (ePN). It is used in ePN affiliate links to track marketing activities and conversions generated by affiliates.

When you join the eBay affiliate program through ePN, you will receive an Affiliate Campaign ID that identifies you as a unique affiliate. This ID is incorporated into the eBay affiliate links you promote, specifically in the part of the link called 'campid'. By directing users to eBay through those links, the ePN tracking system records the activities and sales generated by your affiliate campaign.

The Affiliate Campaign ID is necessary to properly track your conversions and ensure that you are credited appropriately for sales made through your affiliate links. It is important to include this ID in your affiliate links so that the tracking system can accurately track and report on your marketing efforts and the commissions generated.

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What is the Affiliate Reference ID?

The Affiliate Reference ID is an optional value that you can use to identify a specific item or purchase order. It can have a maximum of 256 characters and can be used to personally track and label your affiliate links.

When you use the Affiliate Reference ID in eBay Partner Network (ePN) affiliate links, it is embedded in the 'customid' or 'SUB-ID' part of the link. You can choose any value you want to use as the reference ID, such as an order number, tracking code, or any other identification that is useful to you.

The main purpose of the Affiliate Reference ID is to allow you to track additional and personalized information about your conversions and commissions generated through your affiliate links. By including a specific reference ID in your links, you can easily identify the sales and clicks generated by each individual link.

It is important to note that the Affiliate Reference ID is optional, which means it is not necessary to provide one if you do not wish to use it. However, if you want to track your affiliate links in a more detailed or customized manner, the Affiliate Reference ID can be a useful tool.

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