Automate your Affiliate Marketing

tasks for any level of automation

Full automation

The entire process in a single task. Search and publish on your social networks, Telegram, online stores or web pages.

Automatic product search

Ask a bot to find the products you need and fit your audience. Send them to you or store them somewhere.

  • Search by minimum price, maximum price or a range.check
  • Search by minimum discount percentage.check
  • Search by user ratings.check
  • Search for products according to properties (PRIME, free shipping costs, etc.).check
  • Sorted results by ratings, price, news.check

Automate post only

You know how to find the best products, but the publication on all your channels and networks is better done automatically.

Scheduled Posts

Humanize your tasks by making them post only within a certain time, do you want them to rest at night, on weekends?.

Post with Telegram Bots

To use them yourself or give them to your users.

Send a product URL to a bot and it will publish it on various social networks, return all the product information or create a publication with an image so you can easily share it.

Integrated platforms

You can automate any of the major affiliate platforms.

Much more attractive product images

Add texts, prices and modify the appearance of your images, without the need to program, without the need to use design tools.

Personalized product photos no matter what platform you use

These tasks search for products and before publishing them they modify the images to include another design, the price within the image or even your own logo.

Telegram Groups and Channels

Create automatic Telegram affiliate channels with these automations.

Facebook Pages and Groups

Feed your Facebook networks with publications related to your audience.

Blogger, Wordpress and WooCommerce

Create with these tasks automatic affiliation pages in both Blogger and Wordpress.

Leave the automatic tasks running for a while to create tens, hundreds or thousands of product pages that end up indexed in Google.

If you use WooCommerce you can also automate the publication of products to your online store.

Traffic from Telegram to Amazon through Wordpress!

Your links no longer point to Amazon but to a section of your website where the product is.

The web automatically detects that the user comes from Telegram and redirects him to Amazon, with your affiliate tag.

Now the traffic you send to Amazon comes from your website, from the product page you have on it.

Telegram channels with redirected links

Users clicking on Telegram posts go to Amazon, but having been redirected from the same product located in your Wordpress.

Posts with shortened links

Shorten your affiliate links and get cleaner posts and more shareable URLs.