Read and forward messages
from ANY Group or Private Channel


  • You do not have to add bots in groups or channels.check
  • You do not need to be an administrator of the groups or channels.check

This tool is used to automate tasks in groups or private channels that are not yours.
If you don't need this, with the free Botize account you have it solved.

Read when you want

Telegram is full of valuable content, but if you don't go to read it, you miss out.

Better put a robot to read not one, but the different groups and channels that interest you.

Consume as you want

Decide what you want to do with each message your bot reads.

Sometimes you will need to forward them to other groups or channels or even to other Telegram users outside the group or channel.

Sometimes you'll want to send yourself alerts when the bot finds messages with certain characteristics, or trigger an action such as saving images to Dropbox.

You may even want to move messages out of Telegram and into other messaging apps.

Select what you want

Surely you do not need every message that is published in the group or private channel.

If this is the case, make a list of positive and negative words so that only the content you want reaches you, establish filters according to who writes, the text, whether or not it contains images, videos or files, etc.

Act on time

Being among the first to know about conversations, topics and content can put you at an advantage.
Activate tasks that notify you according to the degree of importance that each thing has for you.

How does it work?

We set up a cloud server exclusively for you and connect it to the Telegram account of your choice.

From that moment you can create tasks that read messages from the groups and private channels to which you have access with your Telegram account.

It is not a tool to copy content from others

This is not a tool to copy or duplicate the content of other groups and channels and we will not allow you to do so.

Automatic tasks will only see the last 20 messages at any given time, not all of them and only once every minute.
Posts with images? it will only give you the first of each publication.

Any group or private channel? no, only those that you have access to with your Telegram account.

We have contacted Telegram to listen to their recommendations. If it gets out of hand because we don't have the time to police it, we won't withdraw the solution but we will progressively raise its price as a dissuasive measure. If you have bought, we will keep the original price, obviously.

If you have any questions or concerns we are in Telegram to talk with you.