Scrape HTML from a URL

Botize Scraper


Retrieve the HTML content of a specified URL.

Information provided

When executed, this operation delivers the following data, which can be used in the same automatic task.

  • Tags

  • URL {{url}}


  • Status Code {{status_code}}

    Status Code

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the access token that the Chrome extension is requesting?

Each Botize user has a different access token. To get yours, press the 'show access token' button that you will find within the automatic task, in the step where you have selected the Botize Scraper application.

My scraper is stopped and the Chrome extension shows the message '✓ Ready for scraping'

There are two possible reasons why your scraper might be stopped.

  1. No pending scraping jobs: Verify that you have active automatic tasks and that they are sending scraping jobs to the extension.
  2. Incorrect access token: If the access token you entered in the extension is incorrect, the extension will not be able to perform any job. Try to retrieve the correct access token again and enter it back into the extension.

Is there any limitation?

Botize's scraper is free and you can process as many scraping jobs as you need. However, your scraper can only process one job at a time. If your tasks generate jobs at a faster rate than your scraper can process them, they will accumulate. The jobs can accumulate for a maximum of 24 hours. Any scraping job that remains pending for more than 24 hours will expire and will be automatically deleted.

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