How to create a Telegram bot to forward messages

Examples and formulas to use

This time we are going to show you how you can create your own Bot to forward messages to contacts, channels or groups. This is valid for messages that come from other channels, groups or private chats.

Any message from other users that can be seen by a Telegram bot can be forwarded both to another chat and even outside the Telegram platform, for this case, the different integrations of Botize will help you achieve it as we will also see below.

You will be able to customize and adapt to your own needs any of the examples that we are going to show you. To do this, you just have to click on the OPEN button that accompanies each formula. This will take you to the editing panel where you can save and activate the bot or make changes before it starts up.

Forward messages to a channel

This formula allows you to resend each message that the bot receives to the channel you decide.

In the same way you can add as many other channels as you need and the same message will be forwarded to all of them.

Forward messages to a group

Sending to other groups is also possible.

In this example formula the messages will be redirected to a group where what will be displayed will be the name of the user who originally published the message along with the text and the possible link it might contain.

Forward messages to another application

It is not only possible to forward messages to others Telegram chats but you can also do it to other applications on the Internet.

For example, messages from a chat can be published on Twitter, on a Facebook Pages page or sent by Gmail to an email account. Combination is possible if there is an integration with Botize.

Forward to a spreadsheet

As a backup or if what you need is carry out a detailed follow-up of each publication, you can forward the messages to different services, such as in this case to Google Spreadsheets.

As results you will have a spreadsheet with the date, time, username and message of each publication.

Forward to other messaging applications

Using this formula you can connect messaging applications to each other.

In this case the messages will be forwarded from Telegram to a Slack channel.

Forward messages containing links

By means of Botize filters you can create rules of forwarding, so that you can make formulas like this one in which only messages that contain a link or URL are forwarded.

Use the filters to add as many rules as you want so that only the messages you need are forwarded.

Forward only files

This formula allows you to save in Dropbox the files that link or send the In the same way, you can send them as attachments in an email, save them in Google Drive or upload them to an FTP folder.