How to send automatic messages on Telegram to contacts, groups, channels or yourself

Examples and formulas to use in each case

Botize has support for all the different options that Telegram offers when sending automatic messages. We refer to the publication in groups and channels, both public and private, the publication directed to a contact in your agenda or publications sent directly to your Telegram account.

Below we show you various pre-designed formulas so you can explore all types of shipping. You can see in detail and open any of the formulas in your task editing panel by clicking on the SHOW button that accompanies them. Once in your editor you can finish customizing them according to your needs and just use them.

Send messages to public or private groups

If you manage a Telegram group use these formulas to publish your own information or that comes from other sources, such as your website, a spreadsheet or a list of reminders.

Send messages to public channels

As with groups You can also configure your tasks to automatically publish within public Telegram channels.

All the people subscribed to your channel will also be able to see the messages that your bot contributes.

Send messages to private channels

Even if you manage a private channel, you can incorporate your bot into it to automate posts with automatic Botize tasks.

Send to contacts to your phonebook

No need to create a group, with Botize you can schedule automatic sending to specific contacts.

Botize will take care of sending the messages according to the rules and schedules that you establish in the task.

Send yourself messages

As a reminder or alert. Send yourself messages , images, links and files that your bot has programmed for you or extracts from other sources.

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