Automate tasks with Timer

Launches a task at the date or time specified. This application can be used for scheduling tasks to run at any time frame, at night, at the end of every work-day, week, month, etc.

Control when your tasks are executed

The Date-Time application allows you to easily automate scheduled tasks over time. the criteria that you choose, the tasks will be executed automatically every time they are fulfilled.

Schedule actions on the Internet

You can use the Date-Time application to schedule one or more actions in any application or service, such as sending emails with Gmail, publish content on social networks or get weather forecast in a city.

Actions in response to events

You can also use it to execute actions based on events, such as checking if you have new mentions on Twitter, checking if you have new events for the next few hours in your calendar or search if important emails have arrived in your inbox.

All available options

You have a multitude of criteria to adapt any automatic task to your own needs and you can even make combinations with them.

  • - At specific intervals: minutes, hours, days, weeks, ...
  • - At specific times of the day
  • - Within a time range
  • - On specific days of the week
  • - On specific days of the month
  • - In specific months of the year
  • - From a specific date
  • - In the country-specific time zone

Examples of scheduled tasks

Take advantage of these "7 types of tasks scheduled in time" that we have prepared so that you can use them in your next automations.