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If you come looking to automate Affiliate marketing tasks or with the idea of ​​creating Telegram Bots, you are in luck.

Automate your work

Imagine delegating your tasks to a machine, those that you do today with applications, services or social networks in your day to day and that consume you more time.

Botize also allows you to choose from hundreds of predesigned tasks, customize them according to your needs and take action in minutes.

Connect your applications with each other

Tired of moving data from one application to another?

Botize knows how to read and download from one place to save it in another, carry out a task in one application with the data it takes from another, wait for a trigger in one place and then perform an action in another, etc.

Automate multiple profiles and accounts

Do you have different profiles or user accounts in the same application?

Connect as many accounts as you need and from any application (Twitter, Slack, Gmail,…). Automate tasks between them to publish on several social media profiles at the same time, automate the different Google Drive accounts you have or multiple Telegram chatbots. It is easy and also has no cost.

Tasks as flexible as you need

You are not limited to ’if this happens, then do that’.

Include multiple actions and conditions in the same task, discover tasks that run in parallel, loops, filters, pauses and checks, tasks that they call other tasks, synchronous and asynchronous calls, buttons, Webhooks...

Great and better privacy

On the Internet, the name of the application you use to automate is always registered.

Twitter makes it public under each Tweet: ’Twitter for iPhone’, ’Ifttt’, ’Hootsuite Inc.’, ’Buffer’, while Facebook comes to limit the scope of the publications that come from certain automation applications.

Botize is the first tool to allow you to use the names of applications that you decide and exclusively. No other user on the Internet will publish from the same application as you.

Run tasks from your code

You have an API to develop solid, scalable and flexible integrations.

Create tasks that you call from within your project, integrate your own solution or use the different integrations that are already available in Botize: Amazon AWS, IBM Watson, Selenium...

Easy and intuitive

With the step-by-step guides to automate tasks from start to end, you won’t need previous experience or programming knowledge to become an expert in task automation.

If you have a challenge, contact us and we will help to solve it.